2 March , 2017 | New York


Some may be blinded by the sheer glitz and glam of my job. Overwhelming amounts of jealousy, that yes in fact I am privileged enough to turn up to such a pastel sanctuary on a daily basis and indulge in unlimited amounts of ice-cream; but don't be fooled it wasn't easy getting to where I am today:


First was the grueling hiring stage. Getting up at the crack of... noon to mosey on down to Bedford and for my interview. I was asked many taxing questions like “what is your biggest ice cream related accomplishment to date?” and “you’ve got the job, when can you start?” To which I proudly announced; annihilating six generous scoops of sugary frozen dessert in one sitting and, ASAP. I’m convinced the sheer amazement of my first answer led to the second question.


Immensely grateful for, what was supposed to be temporary gig, which has allowed me not only the funds but the time off to travel to countless states around the US, test the waters in Mexico and a small taster of Maple country.


I have utterly enjoyed my time working in an artisan ice cream shop, but nine months down the track I think I’m ready for a wee change. My passion is design and not that designing each cone of beautiful sweetened flavored frozen milk isn't satisfying, I’m ready for my next challenge.





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